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There are, and have been, many John Tilseds around Wimborne and Poole. This narrative concerns the man who in his will referred to himself as "formerly of Shoe Cove near Cape John in the Island of Newfoundland Planter but now of Wimborne Minster in the County of Dorset Gentleman".

Creating this narrative has involved pulling together what originally seemed like a number of different "lives". The narrative is complex enough without going into the details of how the research was done and conclusions reached, so various essays working through the reasoning will be posted separately.

The full narrative will be posted soon; in the meantime (for googling purposes!), here is a selected list of some of the names which appear in the life story of this John Tilsed:

Father : Anthony Tilsed 1712 - ?1751
Mother : Mary Michell ? - ?
Siblings : Elizabeth Tilsed 1738 - ?, Mary Tilsed 1742 - ?, Roger Tilsed (married Jane Mead) 1744 - 1794

Wife : Mary Lambert ?1749 - 1787
Children by Mary Lambert : William[1] Tilsed 1781-1782, Elizabeth Tilsed 1781-1782, Anthony Tilsed 1782 - ?1815, Jean Tilsed 1782-1783, William[2] Tilsed 1784 - 1784, Jane Tilsed 1784 - 1785, William[3] Tilsed 1787 - 1789.

Other possible partner: Jane Lambert, sister of Mary, ?1760 - 1801
Possible children by Jane Lambert : George Lambert 1788 - 1842, Elizabeth Lambert ?1794 - ?1872, Henry Lambert 1801 - 1801.
Grandchildren by Aaron Harris and Elizabeth Lambert: John Harris 1813 - ?, Eliza Harris 1815 - ?, Anthony Tilsed Harris 1817 - 1878
Possible grandchild : Caroline Lambert daughter of George Lambert, ?1817 - 1848

Child by Unknown: Elizabeth Tilsed (Betty Telsie in oral tradition) ?1786 - 1851 (married John Young).

Other names mentioned : Captain George Cartwright (trader and explorer in Labrador and Newfoundland) 1740 - 1819, Isaac Lester (Merchant of Poole), Benjamin Lester (Merchant of Poole and Newfoundland).

If you'd like to make contact click the blue pencil above; your comment will be hidden for privacy. Alternatively, message me via Ancestry, where I'm kjt127.

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