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Thursday, 8 April 2027 10:35 pm
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This site doesn't pretend to be a "Family History Website" - it's just a collection of bits and pieces, a Work in Progress.

I'll be posting narratives for various of my ancestors as and when I get round to tidying them up. Names which are underlined in bold will at some point be hyperlinked to narratives for those people.

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William ANDREW 1793 - 1849 (brother of ggg-grandfather James ANDREW)

Edward COLE (sr) 1831 - 1860 (ggg-grandfather)

Frederick John COOK 1879 - 1940 (great grandfather)

Frederick HAYDON 1858 - 1912 (great-grandfather)

Betsy McPHERSON 1865 - 1935 (great grandmother)

Wills and Testaments: 

Thomas ANDREW of Woolfardisworthy, d1838 (brother of 4g-grandfather James Andrew)

John BASKERFIELD of Woughton on the Green, Wheelwright, d1753

Joseph BASKERFIELD of North Crawley, Iorn-Smith, d1752

Richard BASKERFIELD of North Crawley, Husbandman, d1671

William BASKERFIELD of North Crawley, Husband, d1715

William BASKERFIELD of Woughton on the Green, Blacksmith d1772

Thomazin CLEVERDON (née SHORT) of Woolfardisworthy, d1840 (5g-grandmother)

Mary ESTMENT/Eastment (née BASKERFIELD) of Woughton on the Green, 'Widow Woman', d1763

Kirby FRANCIS of Canterbury, Plumber, Glazier and Painter, d1843 (brother of 4g-grandfather George Francis)

George McPHERSON of Milngavie, d1845, (brother of ggg-grandfather Donald McPherson)

William PENGILLY of Clovelly, d1819 (4g-grandfather)

Overseers of the Poor:

William ANDREW b1793 - Settlement Examination 1823

William ANDREW b1793 - Removal Order 1823

Family Tree Diagrams:

Matilda OXFORD b1853


COWANs of Dundee
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This document is a temporary version of William’s narrative; I am working on a longer and more detailed version, incorporating slightly more background information and relevant history. In the meantime, comment below if you would like more details of the sources used.






William Andrew was a younger brother of my ggg-grandfather James Andrew. He has his own narrative because I have been lucky enough to find plenty of detail on him, and that detail is interesting. For example, he is the only proven transported convict linked to our tree, and as at January 2011 he is also the only related person for whom I have found a Settlement Examination.

William ANDREW, 1793 - 1849 )
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Frederick was my great-grandfather.


This document is my complete version, including notes as to how I came to discover various pieces of information, together with my theories and speculations. At some point I will produce a cut-down version showing only the known facts, with sources where appropriate.



Frederick Haydon, Part 1 )

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