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The following wills and testaments have been transcribed by me from various sources. I would appreciate a credit if you use or refer to the text. I intend to update each will with a note of where I found the original.

Thomas ANDREW of Woolfardisworthy, d1838 (brother of 4g-grandfather James Andrew)

John BASKERFIELD of Woughton on the Green, Wheelwright, d1753

Joseph BASKERFIELD of North Crawley, Iorn-Smith, d1752

Richard BASKERFIELD of North Crawley, Husbandman, d1671

William BASKERFIELD of North Crawley, Husband, d1715

William BASKERFIELD of Woughton on the Green, Blacksmith d1772

Thomazin CLEVERDON (née SHORT) of Woolfardisworthy, d1840 (5g-grandmother)

Mary ESTMENT/Eastment (née BASKERFIELD) of Woughton on the Green, 'Widow Woman', d1763

Kirby FRANCIS of Canterbury, Plumber, Glazier and Painter, d1843 (brother of 4g-grandfather George Francis)

William GOULD of Wimborne Minster, Lynnen Draper, d1624, relationship not known

John HARRIS of Trowbridge, Retired Police Superintendent, (grandson of John Tilsed, Planter of Newfoundland and Gentleman of Wimborne)

George McPHERSON of Milngavie, d1845, (brother of ggg-grandfather Donald McPherson)

William PENGILLY of Clovelly, d1819 (4g-grandfather)

Christian TILSED (née GOULD) of Bere Regis, d1628, relationship not known

Gyles TILSED of Bere Regis, d1685, relationship not known

John TILSED of Holdenhurst, d1730, relationship not known

John TILSED Planter of Newfoundland and Gentleman of Wimborne, d1834, relationship not known

Lewis TILSED of Bere Regis, d1582, relationship not known

William TILSED of Lamaline, Newfoundland, d1819, relationship not known

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