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This Will appears to be from a clerk’s copy book rather than an original. With thanks to Wiltshire Archives’ website for alerting me to its existence, and Bere Regis village website for having the images available online.

I don’t yet know how, or whether, Lewis Tilsed’s family intersects with mine.

In the name of God Amen the first day of May in the yeare of our Lord God 1581 I Lewys Tilsed of Southbrook within the ?parish? of Bere Regis in the countie of Dorset doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following:

First I bequeathe my soule into the hande of Almighty God my maker and redeemer and my bodye to be buryed in the churchyard of Bere Regis.

Item: I give and bequeathe unto the church of Bere Regis 3s 4d

Item: I give to the poore of the said parish of Bere 2s

Item: I give and bequeathe unto Susan ?Dybens? ?2s? & hiln hepe.

Item: This I give to my godsonne ?William?Dunster? 3 or 4x ?leade? ?charaiyne? at such tyme as he shall buylde his house.

Item: I give to Mary Flippant ?6d?

Item: I give to all the rest of my godchildren to every of them ?six?pence?

The rest of my goodes and chattalls moveable and unmoveable my debts being payd I give and bequeathe unto Johan Tilsed my wife whome I make my sole Executrix to xxx the same during her naturall life yf she shall so longe contynue widdowe and after her decease to remayne unto Edmunde, John and Roger Tilsed my three sonnes by equal porcons to be by my overseer divided amongst them.

And for my overseer I constitute and ordayne my ?welbeloved? George ?Bisshopp? and George Gye to see this my last will ?effectually? ?performed?.

In witness whereof I have caused this my will to be made in the ?presence? of David Woodnutt, George Bisshopp, George ?Gye?

The Probate statement is in Latin and I'm not at all sure what is going on. I can pick out "Lodovici Tilsed of Southbrook in Bere Regis" ; Sarum ; "?28th ?August? 1582" ; "Johanne Bridge" who might be the person granting the probate ; and "David Woodnutt, Vicar of Bere Regis".


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